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Welcome To My Dog Lovers All Dogs Are Trainable Website

I have developed this website so you can see that all dogs are trainable, and to allow you to get to know our products and services a bit better, as well as make all of our information available to you 24 hours a day.

I raise Shelties of all sizes please Call 919-625-6523, or visit my Sheltie Puppies for Sale page to see if we have any litters at this time. If you have any questions give me a call and I would be glade to try and answer any that you may have. You also can go to my about page to see all my dogs. These dogs are great with kids and other dogs. Just go to the top of this page and CLICK on my {Sheltie Puppies For Sale} heading.

You can see my dogs love playing ball and fetch. I am no dog trainer, but since I promoted dog training books. I have found that anyone can train their dog to do anything they want them to do. My favorite of all is give me a hug.  Also they sit, stay rollover, give me your paw, lay down and I have done it all without treats.  It makes the visits to the veterinarian so much easier on you and your dog. You can make a big difference in your dog’s behavior with good nutrition and training just a few minutes a day.

I have found that working or as I call it playing with your dog 10 minutes a day works wonders. If you want results with your dogs training or puppy training then it takes a lot of patience and love. You have to stick to it and make sure your dog knows you are in charge. If you have a new puppy or older dog.

I want to play ball

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I am always adding new products. If you require immediate attention you can send us an email at We invite you to read what other satisfied customers have had to say
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We have put together this site and will
continue to improve your online experience. If you have any feedback you
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    I see in your name it has Training Collar. I don’t really care for training collars. I have one and I got great results with it, but as soon as I take it off my dogs were right back to their old self. But every dogs is different. When I take the collar off they look at me like DO YOU THINK I’M A DUMMY. YOU DON’T HAVE THAT THING ON ME.

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